Thursday, October 25, 2018

Drip Drop Drip Drippity Drop 🎵🎵🎵

I love music. And I love cake.  And I REALLY love it when I find a line of lyrics that ties in perfectly with one of my cake projects.  So when I heard that Drip Drop song. . . well you just know that I had to make a drip cake.  So drip cakes may really just be one of the bestest most awesome perfect cakes is the whole entire world. I know what you're thinking. Hyperbole much?? But you see. . .that is what a drip cake is all about.  The hyperbole, the extra, the absolute unnecessary EXCESS that makes you want to dive head first into a pile of cake crumbs and cream.  And who am I kidding -- I LOVE EXCESS! So really most perfect project ever.  The pictures pretty much tell the story (worth a thousand words, right) so I'm just going to put them here and not spoil the saga with too many words.  Enjoy!

 2 inch rounds of mandarin orange cake

 Filled with hibiscus curd and yuzu curd

 Dam of whipped cream to prevent too much color seepage

Stacked and smooshed (just a little)

Painting macarons with whipped cream and food coloring

Frosted with ALL the whipped cream.  And then de-frosted (?) for that "naked look." And to make room for. . .

The white chocolate ganache. . .DRIP DROP (drip drippity drop. . .)

And for the macarons, and the meringues. . .
What?? I told you excess is the name of the game here.