Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Because Everybunny Deserves Cake

And just like that, March is almost over.  In like a lion, out like a. . . lion. 😸 Well, it is Ohio, I suppose -- you can't expect too much.  But at least Easter is around the corner! And for a non-Christian like me, that means one thing: Carrot Cake!  The Best-In-The-World-No-Holds-Bar Carrot Cake, to be specific. (And Hot Cross Buns.  But mostly CARROT CAKE.)

So those of you who have followed this blog for a while know that a couple of years ago, I posted my famous carrot cake.  And you know that I'm just lazy enough to not want to post the same recipe every year, so if you do want to make it (DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!) you can get to the recipe here. But if you want to check out the super-duper-most-adorable-way-ever to decorate it, continue reading.  (Actually that title is being contested by 2016's Easter cake post which can be found here.  If you did want to weigh in on the debate. . .)

Without further ado.

Bunny Baby Beauty CAKE

Make your cake and frost completely with white frosting. Round two to three layer cakes work best for this.  (By far the most time consuming part of this whole thing.  Which I am going to completely gloss over.  Feel free to look at the pretty pictures though.)

NOW.  First.  Before anything else.  Print out the Bunny Ears pattern from Wilton.  (Because that's where I got this cake idea. By the way, they list the skill level as "none." 😄  Not sure about that, per se, but it is pretty easy.)

Next, check that you either :

1. have on hand black candy melts and white candy melts, piping bags, along with sparkling sugar (pink and white) and wooden skewers/lollipop sticks, and parchment paper.
2. have white chocolate and candy colors in black, as well as every non-candy melt ingredient listed above.
3. have 20 minutes to run to Michael's.
(or an hour and a half if you're like me, because Michaels! 😍

Now, place the template on a baking sheet and draw a small circle next to the ears. Place parchment paper over the template.

Using a piping bag filled with white chocolate or white candy melts, outline the bunny ears and nose (the circle) on the parchment and then fill in completely with more chocolate/melts.  Make sure the melts/chocolate layer is thick.

Now, sprinkle the ears liberally with white sparkling sugar, and the nose liberally with pink sparkling sugar. The best way to do this is to pour the sugar into your hands and literally pour the sugar onto the chocolate.

Then place the cookie sheet in the freezer so that the chocolate sets completely.  After the chocolate is completely hard, gently remove from the parchment (it should slide right off) and dust off the excess sugar.  The ears should look nice and furry now!

Flip the ears over and place the skewers/lolli sticks on the back, one on each.  Make sure about half the stick is on the ear and half the stick is off.  Using the same piping bag with melted chocolate, liberally pipe over the stick.  Again, place in freezer to harden.

Now, we work on the eyes.  Using a different piping bag, with melted black candy/chocolate, pipe two semicircles on parchment with three lines projecting from the rounded parts.  I did several of these, just to make sure I wasn't screwed if one broke.  (Spoiler alert: it did.)

Same thing for these -- freeze until hardened.  The thicker the chocolate is, the less chance that it will break, by the way, so keep that in mind.

When everything is nice and dry, slide the eyes off of the parchment just like you did for the ears and nose.

Then, stick the eyes and nose onto the side of the cake and push the skewered ears onto the top of the take.  As such:

You can pipe little stars around the ears to clean them up a bit.  Any color will work.  I did love that I used vanilla beans in my frosting, so the little black specks kind of look like freckles (and the piping round the bottom kind of looks like a furry collar too!)  

And there you have it -- the perfect little Easter Bunny Cake. 👯

With freckles, furry little ears, and a fluffy icing face. . . not that that will stop anyone from devouring it though (trust me, I speak from experience!)