Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Guava + Sunshine = Happiness

Took a break over the past weekend to visit my absolute favorite spot on earth -- Miami! It was the perfect time to stock up on some much needed non-dietary Vitamin D, sadly lacking over the past several months in cold, snowy Ohio.  Unfortunately, I can't share any baking anecdotes since it's (obviously) impossible to bake in a hotel room.  Never fear, though!  Because I find it difficult to last a weekend without a pastry fix, I figured that I could sporadically inject this blog with recommendations for my favorite restaurants and bakeries around the world, when I don't have access to my own oven (and beloved KitchenAid).  So if you are ever in Miami (and you should really make sure that at some point in your life, you are in Miami), here is where to go:

Le Chic French Bakery

I discovered this lovely little locale during my very first trip to Miami (8 years ago!!) and, honestly, I was a little afraid that it wasn't open anymore, since I haven't been able to drop by in a couple of years.  Luckily for everyone, it's still going strong. Nothing fancy going on here.  It's a small storefront; the majority of its space is taken up by two enormous display cases, with some basic seating thrown in for good measure.  But that's ok -- you're not coming here for the ambiance. . . it's the food that makes this place a draw.

The absolute best things here are the guava croissants.  To me,  nothing says vacation like tropical fruit, and combined with carbs and butter. . . nothing better in the world. The croissants are flaky and light and, surprisingly, not too sweet.  With a cup of strong coffee (and their coffee is STRONG), they are truly the perfect way to start off the day.

Another favorite is the apricot croissants.  With two halved apricots on each side of a beautifully folded pastry, they are as pretty as they are tasty.  It's fitting that these treats find their home in Miami since each side of the croissant looks like it houses a golden bright little sun. Again, they really aren't that sweet.  If anything, the hint of sugar is nicely balanced by the tarty apricots.

(Note for those who are looking for a lunchtime treat: The ham and cheese croissants are dead ringers for the ones across the pond -- one bite and you'll feel like you're in Paris . . . just with better weather)

1043 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Mmmm, I'm getting hungry just remembering the deliciousness. . . Do you have any favorite places in Miami? Let me know; I'm always looking for new tidbits of amazingness to sample!

(If you are inspired to try any of these locations described in the future, they can always be found, with a link to the specific blog post, under the "Taste of the World" page.)  

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